Saturday, August 13, 2011

what I've been up to today..

heyah! I just wanna share how did my day went.. Lunch time, I went to the market to buy some ingredients for my kare kare and unfortunately bought some things that are not included in my kare kare recipe.. lol
Cotton Rounds for $3 for both, Neutrogena Alcohol free toner for $7 (then went to walgreens its just $6 hmp), Nail polish remover for $2... @ VONS

My kare kare..

Rented a movie from Red box.. MOVIE night.. :)


  1. yay for the tiny haul and YAY YAY for kare kare! haha

  2. kare kare!!! my favourite!!! ahhh I could really use some kare kare right about now lol

  3. charlene-ann: yey for your cowment.. :) We still have kare kare you want some?.. lol

    mie: nothing :) We've been texting 24/7 more yey... :)