Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oceanside, Blush, Brownies, Chores..

This is what's keeping me busy lately..

 Our family went on a fishing trip in Oceanside.. and caught just one tiny little fish with a yellow fin.

                                                        With my nephew.. :)
I'm just helping my sister in law buy some school supplies for my other nephew and I saw this..

Bought it for $10.. haven't tried it yet..

                                                      I  made a Ghirardelli brownie..

and look who's helping me with the cleaning.. 
Everything must be clean and organize!! :)


  1. penge brownies :) hehehe ur nephew is doing a good job helping you! hehe at hawak pa nia ang windex!

  2. Pag nag apartment na tayo i'l make you one promise :)

  3. The brownies look good. How did you make them?