Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to apply Crackle Nail Polish..

Dang!! I was so excited to do this blog and I totally forgot to take a picture 
of every step I did.. I'm so sorry..

*Before applying any nail polish make sure your nails are free from old nail polish.. Use nail polish remover if necessary..

1.) BASE. I recommend to use dark regular nail polish so that the crackle polish will stand out. It's actually up to you how'd you mix and match your colors ( I missed taking a photo on this part)
2.) CRACKLE COAT. Make sure the base is completely dry before applying the crackle. You'll be surprise how fast it cracks.. I was amaaaaazed.. :) If you want a small cracks just paint lightly.. if you want a solid bigger crackle paint it heavier.. 

 CRACK: Baby blue, BASE: No color specified.
         -This one is my favorite-

                                                                                                                                                                                  CRACK: Hot Purple BASE: Neon Yellow
from love & beauty by f21

                                                    CRACK: Black BASE: No color specified.


CRACK: Chocolate BASE: Teal from
                   Love & beauty by f21 
          -- Messssyy paint--               
  CRACK: Chocolate BASE: Black

3.) TOP COAT. This will help the nail polish to lasts.. You can also use other top coats, the one with glitters or any shiny shimmering thing in it..
 Top Coat-NYC

Excuse my fat, little ugly fingers... :)


  1. i hate that NYC top peels of my nail polish =( aina, try the "out the door" topcoat! its amazing! i promise you..its a bit pricey for the small bottle..around $5 but its the best top coat. comparable to seche vite! haha eke sure spelling but it has amazing reviews. search mo sa youtube :)

  2. i think you have amazing blog and i cant wait to read on more!!!

  3. You have lots of cute cracking nail polishes! Adorable :)

  4. Thankyou for the comments.. :)

  5. nice crackling nail polishes :)

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