Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Triple Barrel Hair Waver..

Here's how to use a triple barrel hair waver.. :)

Things you'll need:
~ 3-barrel hair waver (it actually comes in different sizes)
~ Heat protectant
~Hair clamps
~ Brush/ Comb

1.) Plug the waver and set the temp. according to hair type. Comb hair to remove tangles.
2.) Divide hair into two sections, from top ear going to the other ear.

3.) Start at the bottom. Spray heat protectant..
                                             Gather small portion of your hair. Clamp 
                                                                            waver on the  hair leaving an inch away from the roots. 
                                                                            Hold waver for 5 to 10 seconds depending on what
                                                                            type of hair you have and the temperature you've set.

4.) Move barrel downwards upto the last wave you've created and do this until you've reach the end part. and do the same with rest of your hair.. Don't forget to spray heat protectant for each section.
 3.) Spray curl activator as soon as you're done. 

More pictures..


  1. oooooh so that's how that thing works..haha never ko naimagine kung pano gamitin yan, i'm like "what the hell, 3 barrels?" haaha :) nice tutorial bff! :)

  2. this would make my life so much easier! I hope merong ganyan here in Phi. Thank you for the tutorial :)